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Pathogenic microorganisms sterilization

- Even 17 kinds of pathogens that are not sterilized by chlorine disinfection can be sterilized. This is not typical of those caused by Cryptoporidium causing the diarrhea

Chloramine reduction

- Chlorine generated in the swimming pool odor, and burning eyes, itchy skin, reduce the chloramine that cause respiratory diseases

Improve water quality

- Medium pressure UV system to remove organic impurities by photo-oxidation action of water makes it very clear


- Since the wavelength of 280nm and 200nm UV is having a germicidal, known as UV-C
- It is sterilized by destroying the DNA of all pathogenic microorganisms in the water was found to date

Chloramine vs UV

- Are entered into a chlorine disinfectant for the disinfection of the swimming pool, which is a free chlorine into the water (Free Chlorine) will have to sterilization However, if the people in the pool to drain the sweat and urine in the emissions of nitrogen are created and combined with the free chlorine is keulroraminreul me
- The UV system pressure breaks the molecular bonds of the three kinds of light of different wavelengths to all chloramine, unlike the low-pressure UV lamp

Monochloramine(NH2Cl) : 245nm
Dichloramine(NHCl2) : 297nm
Trichloramine(NCl3) : 260nm & 340nm

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